I will do any humanitarion work…

Christ Church is requesting that you release Doctor Grant so he can serve as a volunteer in the delivery of the COVID VACCINES in Albany County as well as Columbia County, NY, USA

The emergency team has asked for volunteers to administer hundreds of thousands of the shots to quell the exploding virus here in the states.
Thank you for releasing him to serve in these trying times.

Jeanne Poland,

and Christ Church

for Dr. Grant

Quicksilver 7



a sliver of silver

flickers wisdom

flashes illumination

falsifies illusions!

footprints on my chest


The visible and the in-

by Marge Piercy

Some people move through your life

like the perfume of peonies, heavy

and sensual and lingering.

Some people move through your life

like the sweet musky scent of cosmos

delicate if you sniff twice, it’s gone.

Some people occupy your life

like moving men who cart off

couches, pianos and break dishes.

Some people touch you so lightly you

are not sure it happened. Others leave

you flat with footprints on your chest.

Some are like those fall warblers

you can’t tell from each other even

though you search Petersen’s.Some come down hard on you like

a striking falcon and the scars remain

and you are forever wary of the sky.We all are waiting rooms at bus

stations where hundreds have passed

through unnoticed and others

have almost burned us down

and others have left us clean and new

and others have just moved in.
“The visible and the in-” from MADE IN DETROIT by Marge Piercy. Published by Alfred A. Knopf. Copyright © 2015 by Marge Piercy. Used by permission of The Wallace Literary Agency, a division of Robin Straus Agency, Inc.

diva pig child


new avatar for diva pig child



cover of my book: Diva Pig Child:


Diva Pig Cover


I am a product of the nunnery

with a medieval French Christian Devotion

to Saints, Mary, Mother of Jesus,

and fulfillment in discipline

and a constant schedule

implemented daily

with meditation




revelation 1













ekphrastic poem using Renoir’s Art

by Jeanne Poland



New Blurb Book:

The Gospel-the Good News-1 Cover

cover jacket for The Gospel According to Jeanne


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A Review of the Shadra Strickland Unworkshop @ Highlights Foundation


A Selfie of Jeanne and Shadra


Shadra Strickland is the most interactive teacher I’ve ever had. She spent 30 minutes at one table and then another to touch everybody at meals.She structured a brain storming session and asked questions to engage us. She gives the opposite of a lecture.

(Show, don’t tell)

All the participants were published, so it was a group of professionals, not beginners.

Don kept accessing data for everyone and showing images on his tablets.That was an enormous help in grasping information. Shadra did the same.

The group in their twenties  in the Lodge got to brainstorm every evening.

The transition to the Gallery Opening was smooth.The chef caterers magnificent. They are so proud to work for the foundation. Shadra looked elegant and graceful at her opening. The untiring kitchen staff still provided supper after all the exotic appetizers.

Comments about the faculty: dignified,intelligent,great style,interactive,energetic,hard working ,talented speaker,artist,teacher, colleague, enlightened, affectionate, attentive, organized, grateful,and patient.

This is a many layered experience. the power flows both ways. Each individual adds to the symphony: wisdom, smarts, organizing, artistry, talent, perseverance and respect. They honor each other, even the children.

At winter workshops, you need to devise a way to have a fire indoors, especially when the snow and wind have frozen. Like a ski lodge, there should be a place to sit with slippers around the fire.

I love the way George calls his wife his bride, even though the children are over 10! And he looks at me and says”I love my children”, as if that would explain why they straightened out the library with their boots, and outerwear and toys.

My first experience of the Foundation was at Chatauqua. It was this enormous event with a huge family. And the leader was not Moses but a humble Kent. Now there is a humble George, and a vigorous Alison. They each have a glow about them, a light for the children to help them find their way!

Fox Illustrations

Version 2

illustration by Jeanne Poland

before the pounce-is

the crouch…then fly on air-bear

down on butterfly!



illustrator: Jeanne Poland

furry scent of kin:

perfume-y  musk of the wild

waiting for cuddle



     illustration-Jeanne Poland


friendly foil-furry toil-soil’s

herbal comfort oil

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