I hover quick
dip my beak
deep in pollen
inhale gold

Mobius strip
twists its curve
flows on and on

Nectar on tongue
sugar on throat
take off to land
on pistil

earth air water
fire flame flower

seed root leaf eye
mouth to soul

Jeanne in the mountains

verses that sing

Logan Ray Grant12-5-2020

Love’s tenderest touch, your gentle words reveal
Caress my soul. sweet poet, with your verse
Write dulcet lullabies which make me feel
Secure, like infants held at breast to nurse

Turn tears of sadness into peaceful streams
Make whispered breezes whisk my strife away
Put passion in my fantasized daydreams
Paint troubles in to flowery bouquet
Your words are like a song, please sing to me
Sweet poet, how I love your poetry

Written by Logan Ray Grant on 12/21/20 for Jeanne in the mountains

Love Chants



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