silk petals

JByronSchachnervelvet and silk

photo by J Byron Schachner


A World of Want
by Tina Schuman
You think your life will go on
like this forever—weekly trips
to the garbage bin, untangling
the green snake of hose between the ferns
and the delphiniums, the coral bells
leaning their long necks
against the back fence.
Today, as I watched the carousel
of cars turn one by one through
the intersection and onto the freeway
I tried to imagine each life.
Not so much where they were
going, but what they were made of:
wounds, illusions, desires, deceits…
Through all of this a preoccupation
with the next perceived need floats-up
like thought bubbles inside my head:
Coffee, Cheetos, sex, a new blouse, a larger house,
a desk fan, appreciation from that one specific person,
the phones chirp, the trip to France.
If I could quiet this conga-line of cravings
what lingering longings would I lament?
What radiant unattached insights
would I muster? Who would I be
without my constant yearnings?
It’s a world of want. You get the idea.
“A World of Want” by Tina Schuman from Praising the Paradox.



illustrator: J Byron Schachner


one claw

one peek

one frown

one tail

one twist of yarn

an’ stuffing    f  l   i    e     s      !

wriggling portal


illustrator: J Byron Schachner


News from Geneen Roth:

“Life is messy …and magnificent”


“As temporary, fragile and vulnerable as our bodies are,

they are the most direct portals to the only forever there is.”


upon awakening


illustrator: J Byron Schachner

upon awakening:


soul: touch your third eye to see your Creator

ego: touch your 5 senses to open them all to sense your Creator

soul: touch your third eye to see your Redeemer

ego: touch your lips, ears, finger tips, eyes, nose, to sense your Redeemer

soul: open to cleansing to touch your Sanctifier

ego: open to pain and read its lesson from the Sanctifier

Fear is painful until it is examined. Then it discerns

fight or flight

panic or love

and chooses!


(If you have knee replacements and can’t kneel, try this:

Stand and reach down to touch your toes. Bending thus, touch your third eye, and 5 senses. When finished reach to the sky 3x and exhale breathing out your submission, acceptance and promise of valor!)

my essentials


illustrator: J Byron Schachner


my essentials:


nutrition, rest, exercise, writing and illustration…


laundry, kitchen counters, shopping, doctor’s appointments…


turn calendar pages, clean refrigerator, replace batteries, garbage bags, maintain car…


taxes, health plans, end of life issues…


smiles, assistance, faith, pain, joy, vigor, vibration, energy…



Beanie and Stretch by J Byron Schachner


wear a mitten on your head

fingers for antennae


cuddle with a red-haired girl

whose barrettes look like ears

that hear for you when

your ears are snuggled down…


in the green green grass…


soft edges


illustration by J Byron Schachner



illustration by J Byron Schachner


see the hard edged lens on the dog eye

but the soft edge of the dog fur;

see the hard edged right jaw line of the woman

but the soft edges of the hanging earrings;


see the hard edge shinny nose of the pup

but the soft edges of the blades of grass;


see the hard edge of the left nostril

but the soft edge of the eyebrows.


It’s all about texture: liquid, bushy, bony, tunnel-y, or electrified!



illustrator: J Byron Schachner


crop the tumble

crop the eyes

twist the felines

twist the tries:


a place in the sun


J Byron Schachner’s pet knows his place in the sun, the wisdom of it, the grace, the dignity


I wonder if this wonder

can see the full spectrum

smell the cinnamon reds

feel the cool greens

the verdant dragon scales?


Skippy Jon Jones


fantasy real larger than life character


J Byron Schachner

knows her pet





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