The Traditional Picture Book-Morphed

Jeanne Morphed

Jeanne Morphed

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iTunes Apps

iTunes Apps

Went to iTunes
to manage my apps;
remove, update, copy,
sequence, align, taps.

Plugged in iPhone
to sort through apps;
those I bought
those been stowed.

Download, upload, copy,
delete; icons pushed
and stacked and sent:
never crashed, never smooched.

Network places them in line
on phone and pad and Mac-book Air;
Neatly stacks them ’til a touch
livens each- a Media Fair!

E-Editing A Video on an iPhone4s…

Editing A Video on an iPhone4s is like trying on a dress that’s too small…
The buttons wince
since recessed
in the pull
of fabric
on the screen.

My finger’s
too big to fit
the tiny icon.
I swipe to zoom
‘n weave replaces dress.

iPhone rushes
to reformat
and passes me by.

My finger taps
once, then twice
in the tiny pleats.

Where is the help ?
How to scroll to the hem?
And back again
to the collar.

How do I
loop the sound
around the waist?

Can I share iVideo
on iPhone
or must I launch it
into cloud, satellite or tower?

Is my dress
one size fits all?
Or most?
No way!
Fits only they
who blink and smile
and love my bytes!

2 Two Wheelers

Wow! A two year old and a 4 year old ride two wheel bikes without training wheels.
Behold the bold ones on their own bike trails at home (on the range in Austerlitz, NY).
Poppa, a mountain biker and trail maker, has fashioned the trails in the woods to facilitate their tricks and new “flippy-do’s”. (Oliver’s term)
The video is shot with an iPhone 4s and then shared to Vimeo and embedded in the blog post.

2 Two Wheelers from Jeanne Poland on Vimeo.

Riddle#13 The Gift

Don Needs the HELP Menu!

Don Needs the HELP Menu!

The Gift

Who put your photo in Photo Booth?
Whirled it around like an unwanted tooth?
Offered you up to the i-Phone Boutique,
Dizzy and tizzy and busy mystique.

Whirled it around like an unwanted tooth;
Magic wand twirling: wild and uncouth:
Mid chanting, and spells and musings to sooth!

Offered you up to the i-Phone Boutique,
Where Photo Booth surgically alters your face
“Til you’re not looking part of the male human race!

Dizzy and tizzy and busy mystique:
Waving and frizzled, acidly blown
Exploding like lightening on the i-Phone!

This poem is a trimeric.

Have You Seen Don?

iPhone Hut

I’ve lost him.

I’ve searched with screams
Ear buds silence them.

I’ve cried.
Tears don’t penetrate titanium.

So much digital memory:
No room for me.

Cloud can’t carry me:
Emotion weighs too much!

I’m the foreigner:
Mobile vs Tradition,
Come and go vs staying,
Breathing vs battery.

I charge in sleep mode:
Discern TMI.

Don is definitely lost…
I am alone…under the cloud
Wondering where to go…

IPhone Sestina

iPhones Keep Us Company

Off we drive to Albany Med with iPhone
in the pocket, ‘case we need to text
’bout surgeon, or surgery; a message
to the son, the daughter. Seeking privacy
on the speaker phone; I’m the speaker
of anxiety, reaching out to be touched.

In the surgery clinic, I am touched,
offered a pillow, soft like the iPhone
words that hold and soothe me (from a speaker):
Abbreviated, stroking, soothing text
from my loved ones cross Cloud’s privacy:
A sky drawn, cloud blown message.

“It’s the day and age for messaging”
the nurse approves, and nods, as touched
by digital strokes, cloaked in privacy
from family on the iPhone
held in my hand, an I-V text
to shore both hearer and speaker.

against the blood clots:they’re the speaker
of the need for I and D: thrombosis message.
Afraid to rest, afraid to text
All veins and tissues touched
by searches, findings on the iPhone,
settings preferred, protections, privacy.

The screen, it plots my journey privately
for our eyes only, doctors, nurses, patients speaking
the language of health, the language of iPhone,
the images of technology’s father and mother messaged
and sent with healing touches
forwarded, selected, deleted, texted.

OK to read, OK to key, OK to text!
The wonders of this room:window to privacy;
We’re touched by science winking on an iPhone:
honoring eons of evolving, human messages
from air to fire to bone to blood, touched
by all that served; the findings turned to text.

Touched centuries ago by sapient speakers;
text-grunts becoming words; from privacy
to messages, crossed oceans, isles and iPhones.

License Plate: QWK SLVR

Zooms in to Nissan;
Needs to quiet the muffler vibe!

Scan the underbody
Oil the fittings;
Not fitting
To rattle through
Her pathfinding!

She’s a silver arrow
Glimmer shimmer
Lazer sliver silver!

(written on iPhone on way to Nissan)

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