Yesterday heaven came to visit me…

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painting and Calligraphy by Jeanne


yesterday heaven came to visit me….

On my couch were my son, Owen, Annika granddaughter, Oliver, grandson, and Don, tech showing slideshows of family over the past 40 years.

The music accompaniment was Enya. Annika (8) had her iPad and she played the keyboard to match the sounds of Enya. It was magnificent harmony.

Meanwhile Oliver (6) moved a virtual crane on his iPad.

Owen texted his wife Emily who was home treating her sinus infection, but felt lonely for her family. So they left, bringing her nutritional goodies to help her heal.

But first, they cleaned up lunch and all the toys used to celebrate their wonderful imaginations!

Owen remarked: See I’m just like you, Mom. I clean up before I move to the next activity.

I entrusted Emily’s favorite chocolate bar to him. (Medicine for the family nurse and mother)

Definition #62 Bean Bag Chair


Annika shows Oliver how to draw and paint on iPad

Annika shows Oliver how to draw and paint on iPad

Oliver uses colors and paintbrushes

Oliver uses colors and paintbrushes

bean bag chair to climb –

fall and cry: or snuggle close –

color paint design


An iPad Touch

An iPad Touch

while keyboard tricks click

gingerly- across the deck

Don dabbles iPad

Image Effects

Bob in real space

Bob in real space

Bob is really a twin This is a virtual twin

Bob is really a twin
This is a virtual twin

Hour Glass Effect

Hour Glass Effect

Fat Bob

Fat Bob

Yesterday Don and I visited Bob in the dementia wing. We showed him the Crazy Photo Booth photos that the grand kids made. You can view those on:

So we showed Bob how it works on an iPad. Many laughs later, here is the out-put. Make an appointment if you want a crazy portfolio of yourself from the Crack-up Team of Jeanne and Don!

Send A Letter

To send a letter is a good way to go somewhere without moving anything but your heart. Phyllis Theroux

Abdelhamid Djouambi -5

I key in a poem in Notebook on my iPad;
I type daintily on my keyboard;
I dance the Palmer Method Handwriting Tango on scrap paper;
Then stage the production in snail mail.

I want to send my heart,
Deftly, slowly, choreographed with curtains
Addressed with fervor:
A choice gift that’s certain.

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