innate healing energy…


“You have an innate healing energy. You can apply this to situations and to people around you now.”
Your Angel’s Message:
A situation around you needs healed. Child of God, you have wonderful healing abilities deep within yourself. You can direct these with your heart and via your thoughts. Perhaps it’s not a person or situation that needs healed. Your energies can also be directed to a location or an object. This card also indicates that if you feel that energies in your home or office are a little disturbed and negative at the moment, you can change these with your healing, loving thoughts and actions.

This card sometimes indicates that you are to embark on a course involving energy healing. It carries the message that you can heal others and yourself on an emotional and spiritual level. You have that incredible power within you. Believe in it. Believe in yourself. Have faith.
What You Should Do:
It’s time now to heal yourself. The pain of the past is just that, of the past. As well as sending out your healing love to others, there is much more you can do. This is also a good time to book an energy healing session if you feel it would benefit you. Clear a space in your home. Make this comfortable and beautiful. Decorate this in muted colours and make it your spiritual space. Use this space to work on your healing abilities and on your ability to be still and calm. Now is also the time to sign up for courses if you’re interested in working in a healing capacity. You have all the tools you need within you!
Your Affirmation:
“I have a healing light within me. Angelic energies are working through my body to heal myself and to help others.”

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