“Inchoate” Part 2

The Crooked Forest in Poland

The Crooked Forest in Poland

I heard Ogden Nash’s poem this morning on the Poetry Almanac Podcast, and was inspired to write this:


“inchoate” sounds like “cohabit”
“cohabit” sounds like “intuit”
“intuit”: you knew it
“cohabit”: you lived it
“inchoate”: you birthed it:
incipient, inchoate beginnings.

and still another:

Roots split.
Stems fit.

I know it.
I feel it.

I see it:

Inchoate Series
All rights.
Jeanne Poland

An Invitation: A Poem Using the word: “inchoate” (in-ko-it)

Giant misses his golden goose

Giant misses his golden goose

(This is not the poem I’m submitting, but is an inchoate original.)

Jack and the Beanstalk

Inchoate seed became the source of stalk and vine’s a-climbing.
Inchoate size then boomed the voice of giant’s growl and sighing.
Inchoate muscles pulled Jack up until he made the sighting
Of golden goose in huge tree house, his golden eggs a-laying.

To get Jack down, inchoate zeal arose to steal the day;
To go back up, inchoate faith and stealth to not be found.
Inchoate giants can still be tricked by tiny folk today
For valor, strength and wily acts are not the gist of pounds!

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