E-Editing A Video on an iPhone4s…

Editing A Video on an iPhone4s is like trying on a dress that’s too small…
The buttons wince
since recessed
in the pull
of fabric
on the screen.

My finger’s
too big to fit
the tiny icon.
I swipe to zoom
‘n weave replaces dress.

iPhone rushes
to reformat
and passes me by.

My finger taps
once, then twice
in the tiny pleats.

Where is the help ?
How to scroll to the hem?
And back again
to the collar.

How do I
loop the sound
around the waist?

Can I share iVideo
on iPhone
or must I launch it
into cloud, satellite or tower?

Is my dress
one size fits all?
Or most?
No way!
Fits only they
who blink and smile
and love my bytes!

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