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E-Editing A Video on an iPhone4s…

Editing A Video on an iPhone4s is like trying on a dress that’s too small…
The buttons wince
since recessed
in the pull
of fabric
on the screen.

My finger’s
too big to fit
the tiny icon.
I swipe to zoom
‘n weave replaces dress.

iPhone rushes
to reformat
and passes me by.

My finger taps
once, then twice
in the tiny pleats.

Where is the help ?
How to scroll to the hem?
And back again
to the collar.

How do I
loop the sound
around the waist?

Can I share iVideo
on iPhone
or must I launch it
into cloud, satellite or tower?

Is my dress
one size fits all?
Or most?
No way!
Fits only they
who blink and smile
and love my bytes!

Easter Eggs 2014

August Movie of Mini-Bikers

My son, Owen, has rallied the mini-bikers to show their mountain biking tricks for my iPhone camera.
I edited the video in iMovie on the newest MacBookPro. Hope you enjoy the double screen.

If you want a poem about the crew, go to:

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