Peeking at Pie


illustrator: Elizabeth Rose Stanton


Peddles peeks at pie-

always on the edge of de-

light, glamour, mischief



illustrator: Elizabeth Rose Stanton


when the fruit has gone

and the leaves have fallen-still

the trunk gives shelter

May Comes Out to Curtsy


illustrator: Elizabeth Rose Stanton

E-mail to my sister in law:

I heard the fatigue in your voice on the phone when Don called.
All the Birthdays you hosted! The Tom healing…the Dad healing…all the grandchildren…Aunt Dotty…all the Wisconsin relatives….on and on and on.

Now it is May and Mother’s Day comes out to  curtsy. You are not the mother who says “what’s for me?” but the one who says “what can I do for all my motherly friends?”

Are you not the mirror of your mother? Is that not what she did?
And both of you welcomed me, as a third care-taker? Relieved that a grown woman would take care of your brother.

The circle of humor, patience, good will, enduring listening.
Bless us each and all!


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