stormy sky


illustrator: Marcin Piwowarski


the wind and the sea

batter me – sting my skin – burn my eye

clear sky : same sea scrolls

rubbing noses


illustrator: Elizabeth Rose Stanton

Take off the mask-and

rub the nose to the thigh, nigh

to the source of LOVE!




glossy eyes, furry pelt, absence of claws, Epicurean chef


incredible balance

feline flexibility

refined tail swirls

claws discrete

all paw agility

flavor enhanced

Kulsha Masterpiece




illustrator: Alice Brereton

George Augustus Moore:

“A great artist is always before her time or behind it.”

“She travels the world in search of what she needs and returns home to find it.”



illustrator: Jeanne Poland

furry scent of kin:

perfume-y  musk of the wild

waiting for cuddle

Self Portrait


Life among  patterns:

violet gardens surround

my purple face-time

illustrator: Rata Mahatta


byFrancesca DeLuca

illustrator: Francesca DeLuca


companions speed

the wheels round-deepen breathing

cleanse the side-walk

Heaven’s Gate

by Robert Morgan

In her nineties and afraid
of weather and of falling if
she wandered far outside her door,
my mother took to strolling in
the house. Around and round she’d go,
stalking into corners, backtrack,
then tum and speed down hallway, stop
almost at doorways, skirt a table,
march up to the kitchen sink and
wheel to left, then swing into
the bathroom, almost stumble on
a carpet there. She must have walked
a hundred miles or more among
her furniture and family pics,
mementos of her late husband.
Exercising heart and limb,
outwalking stroke, attack, she strode,
not restless like a lion in zoo,
but with a purpose and a gait,
and kept her eyes on heaven’s gate.

“Heaven’s Gate” by Robert Morgan from Dark Energy. © Penguin, 2015.

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