my tempur-Pedic


my tempur-pedic mattress with remote taken by my iPhone 6+


my tempur-Pedic

I love my tempur-Pedic
I told the nurse, and doc.
All the folk in ICU,
All the aids and jocks.

I made the bed each morning
I pulled the linens tight;
One nurse laughed: “You look like
an orderly tyke!

I left the hospital early
longing for my bed
with remote control, 6 inches more,
and tempur-Pedic spread.

Now family have an option:
A hospital bed for ALL!
It raises heads and feet and more-
brings comfort when you sprawl!

(all rights) Jeanne


This AM I read this poem on the Poetry Almanac, and somehow it spurred me to write this one. Perhaps it needs to be put to Music!

Shady Grove
by Anonymous

    Shady grove, my true love,
    Shady grove I know,
  Shady grove, my true love,
  I’m bound for the shady grove.

Peaches in the summertime,
Apples in the fall,
If I can’t get the girl I love,
Won’t have none at all.
Wish I had a banjo string,
Made of golden twine,
And every tune I’d pick on it—
Is ‘I wish that girl was mine.’
Some come here to fiddle en dance,
Some come here to tarry,
Some come here to fiddle en dance,
I come here to marry.

    Shady grove, my little love,
    Shady grove, my darlin’,
    Shady grove, my little love
    Goin’ back to Harlan.

Fly around, my blue-eyed girl,
Fly around, my daisy,
Fly around, my blue-eyed girl,
Nearly drive me crazy.
“Shady Grove” by Anonymous.

Bob Boyajian on February 26, 2014

Your link to see Bob's Work as posted by John Stevens

Your link to see Bob’s Work
as posted by John Stevens

see you: tubes to meds: life-lines
to breathe breaths, blink eyes.

I blink back tears: blur
the lines of faith, hope, love:
cling to spirits’ breath.

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