Sept 4

The faults of Man…

Advice to a Girl by

Thomas Campion

Never love unless you can

Bear with all the faults of man!

Men sometimes will jealous be

Though but little cause they see,

And hang the head as discontent,

And speak what straight they will repent.

Men, that but one Saint adore,

Make a show of love to more;

Beauty must be scorned in none,

Though but truly served in one:

For what is courtship but disguise?

True hearts may have dissembling eyes.

Men, when their affairs require,

Must awhile themselves retire;

Sometimes hunt, and sometimes hawk,

And not ever sit and talk:

If these and such-like you can bear,

Then like, and love, and never fear!

“Advice to a Girl” by Thomas Campion. Public Domain.

Archtype 10



hollow shelter for

child of the tribe: room to grow

hunt, fly, know his gut


The Vibrant Channeled Creator

making lemonade aka biking in the snow making lemonade aka biking in the snow

Abundant snow grows
contour tracks, swivel skids, lines
to trace gracefully.

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Definition #73 Politics



large vs small; near vs

far; old vs young; bold vs fear;

stay vs evolve!

ARCHITECTURE in a family name


The Architecture in a family name:

My life guard’s name is “Forrest”;
His brother’s name: “Wilder”,
Other brother: “Hunter”,
Fourth is “North”.
Do you see a pattern?

Their mother is a song writer!
She struck a lyrical note with each sibling.
Sang her New England,
Borders of Canada, Wind Song!

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