Horse Comfort


Cat alights to get
your back and keeps it ready
for sprint and gallop!

Pattern #51 Back to Our Roots

Four and one half feet between

Four and one half feet

Did you know “radical” can sometimes mean “return to your roots”?
For example, the distance between railroad tracks comes from horse driven carriages, Roman chariots and the distance between the horse’s behinds up front pulling the chariot!

So too, visits to Church do not provide entertainment pandering to instant gratification. As Jamison Teale reminded us this AM at Christ Church, a deep relationship with God involves the knocks, dents, and a patina of wear found in the repetition of a daily prayerful life. We’re bumping along, following the horse’s asses as they dutifully lead us clear of myths, grandiosity, and illusions of grandeur.

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