JeanneOnOxygen2019selfie of Jeanne and her supplemental Oxygen


while in hospital

I purified myself

of alpha-lipoic acid

which eases wrinkles away

so they came around to smile.

My crooked teeth began to recede

as I ground the poor caps.

They smiled with the oxygen too;

it energized them.

Finally, my eye lids grew puffy.

Turmeric relieved the swelling.

But before I got home,

they smiled too.

My whole face

my whole body and soul

smiled with oxygen

and the ability to breath well!

Hello December 28

"For behold I make all things new!"

“For behold I make all things new!”

Yesterday is gone;
Today I am home at peace
Expectantly up.


Touch brings energy out and in, over and over...

Touch brings energy out and in, over and over…

Touch: hard-soft swift-slow
swipe-scroll shoots soul-energy
through a star to home!

New Book from Blurb: Tongue Twisters

The cycle of loneliness and consumption

Vitruvian man
Science says, there is a “vicious cycle of loneliness and consumption.” Good for the owners of shops in shopping malls. Bad for the consumers: they should re-animate another kind of satisfaction.
cycle of loneliness and consumption
by frizztext

And yet over and over we find that filling the hunger isn’t about acquiring more things; it’s about noticing what we already have and already are.How can I be present in my life as it is, if that life makes me unhappy?”

You start by feeling alive in your arms and legs.The reason that living in your body is quite helpful is because the alternative — living in your mind — can drive you insane. There is no particular pattern to your thoughts; in a split second, they zing crazily from the time you fell from your swing when you were 6 to what you are going to say to the person who insulted you yesterday.

If you try to follow your thoughts, you get lost in fantasies, resentments, and anticipated disappointments. There is no ground, nothing solid to hold on to, no way of bringing yourself back to what you are doing now, this very second. You get to the end of a day — or the end of your life — and you wonder where you’ve been. (And the answer is: lost in thought!)

During the day, every time you remember, sense your arms and legs again, just for a few seconds. (I do this about 100 times a day.) This will help you land in your body and bring your mind back to the present moment; it will give you a kind of mountain-solid feeling.
When you are present, nothing is missing. Time seems to stretch. And the reason it does is because it’s our thoughts — our crowded, worried minds — that make us feel so rushed. When you are present, a day seems like a week, a month, like a year.

Coming home to yourself satisfies the deepest hunger of all: your longing to fully live and not miss the moments as they fly by. When you are aware of your own presence, you get to see that this body, your home, the place you’ve spent years trying to change, is a pretty cool place to be.
by Geneen Roth

Little Spelunker 3


Down under
Rental space
Kitchen gorge
Fanny cranny
Pocket wrap


Who says tiaras are only for the young?

Who says tiaras are only for the young?

I’m modeling my Grandma with crullers in kitchen
a well-worn chair,carpeted stairs,and visits to church.

With 30 grandchildren stuffed around the tree and
an 8mm Movie of carols and “Oh Holy Night”!

The elves deliver the gifts: pajamas to serve for 2 years:
made by hand by Grandma, one set for summer and one for winter.

Every gift is enough; every person enough;
we watch as each adds to the fun; we share “til each has enough!

Enough is our fare; It’s smiles everywhere
and early to bed for us all.

Awake the next morn, to wonder at light, suffused
with enough to guide through the day…

Enough for us all!


Fifty pounds holds 4000!

A wheel is like an elephant:
Rolls round
Leaves path
Remembers home.

Rolls round:
A gray trunk curling lip
A footprint circle.

Leaves path:
A track in mud
A tread to herd and bed.

Remembers home:
Walks o’er and o’er
The tribe’s worn orb.

The Language of Affection

Owen, my son
Of 36 years
Used to sit on my lap
(for only a second)
When he was twenty.
Safe and home –
Counting on me.

Years later, he
Carried his father
Frail from mesothelioma
(whenever necessary)

He advised me
That his 3 year old daughter
Would be very upset
If I thought she ate all the chocolates,
Without permission.

She was reassured
Listening to Poppa tell me
Her feelings if I thought her sneaky.

Then today
After enjoying one chocolate,
She deposited the wrapping in my hand.
Evidence that all
Was understood:
The trust-
The certainty-
The affection-

The attention to details!

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