A year of transparency…


what happens inside when you eat my winter food?


  Home Cooking

by Barbara Crooker

Let me stir up a batch of something hot,

beef stew or red bean chili,

something simmering

just below the boil.

You let me know if it needs

more seasoning, more spice.

Let me spread

some butter on your cornbread, darling;

let it soak into all the cracks.

Let me fill

your glass with something red and juicy.

The oven is hot, and all the burners

are glowing. If you can’t take the heat.

then get out of my kitchen. But

if you need to take the chill off, baby,

I might be able to dish a little something up ….

“Home Cooking” by Barbara Crooker, from Some Glad Morning, © 2019.

The Writer’s Almanac for Saturday, December 28, 2019

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