Mary Magdalene washes the feet of Jesus with her hair

The Christian community is like a healthy happy family. Some of us who come from a disfunctional family may not know what this means.
People share their hurts and find sympathy ; they humbly express their needs and receive loving care; they forgive one another rather than plot revenge, they are careful not to say things that will hurt others, they can be honest about who they are,they seek to do good for one another and they try to live in peace by resolving conflicts with each other. They are healthy happy and holy! Having a mature faith and a deep experience of love.

I Peter 3:8-11

Riddle#12 Listening

Jeanne Listens to iMac

Jeanne Listens to iMac

Don listens to iMac

Don listens to iMac

Quaker Saying:
“Listening creates holy silence.
Listening is like rain.”

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Living Stones


1Peter 2:5-6, 9-10
(living stones building his house; holy priests who listen to God’s Word and obey; Once you were less than nothing; now you are God’s own. Your life has been changed by God’s kindness.)

Does the pearl form without stress?
Does the crystal without pressure?
You are plucked out of darkness
Made holy with the light.
Your core is molten,
In fusion with life:

Foundations of holiness.
Priests of sacrifice
Who listen and obey.
Drowned and rescued.
Asleep and inspired.
Shaken and fortified.

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