Channeling Grace


Tami Simon and Caroline Myss

In this podcast, Caroline and I talk about how the ultimate holy language is prayer, as well as the creative power that comes when we learn to pray with God instead of to God. We also discuss:
• Prayer as a request for how to see with greater clarity and truth
• How, according to Caroline, “law is the ultimate nature of God,” and how this insight led to the discovery of what she calls “Divine Organics”—the ways our bodies act lawfully, as does everything in the universe
• The shift that occurs in our lives when we choose the power of love over the love of power
• Language as part of the backbone of healing and developing a vocabulary that invites insight, transformation, and healing
• How every choice we make has creative consequences
• Channeling grace for the benefit of others as “Grace First Responders” in the world

changing the energy of the pandemic


Caroline Myss


You talk to yourself more than anyone else. The words you use impact every part of yourself.

How you speak to yourself results in you creating, and recreating a reality.

Every word we use packs a creative punch.

I want to give you a word. We go from mental language – what I realized is that we need holy language.

Mental language doesn’t have any voltage.

Holy language is where we want to be. Holy language is the language of the soul. It has grace to it. It has potency.

It’s UNreasonable.

It carries light.

It carries that quality of potency.

That moves within us in a life giving way.

It’s the language of inner transformation. So, I’m going to give you a word today that is pure grace.

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