Neil Waldman continued





Waldman sees orange

in reflections




the tension between turquoise and tangerine


the cool surrounding hot

lately, every day’s a GPS

Daughters of Wisdom emblum

the international symbol for the Daughters of Wisdom, a French community of nuns I served in for ten years: 1957-1967

the motto

was “God Alone”

Deus Solus!

I learned to look at the world as She does!

Lately on the roads of Western Massachusetts,

I listen to my GPS

to follow the ribbons of curved roads

through the vales

over the hills

bridging the ponds

edging the lakes

spying the wild turkeys


Jacob’s pillow

Lenox, Lee, Stockbridge and Great Barrington


in all its May GLORY !

This state peeled its way from England

and moved west

settling estates by the wealthy

which would be given to every man

of every color

to nurture under our spacious skies

where our GPS looks down

and is often pleased!

(Yesterday I met a woman and man from Ireland. She taught Literature and he, Geography. We will stay in touch so I can learn more about Belfast and we can share the glory of the light coming through the dappled leaves) (from The Ponds on Fox Hollow)

What sleeps below in November?


painting by Neil Waldman


spotlight stars, moon, clouds

hills, mountains, coast, trees, sea, spires

energy’s reflections

A Kyrielle Sonnet: My Mountain Top’s My Vista Beam


My Mountain Top

My mountain top’s my vista beam
O’er river, hills, trees and stream;
It’s home to turkey, deer, birds’ flight
It flashes magic day and night.

The hawks hunt high; while wood chucks dig
Their gaze upon the land so big;
The tunnels shine in moonlight bright
It flashes magic day and night.

Gold finch glitters: zigger and zag;
Red throat peckers gobble seed bag.
Squirrels lay store for snowy blight
It flashes magic day and night!

My mountain top’s my vista beam
It flashes magic day and night!

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