A litany poem by Jeanne Poland
March 29,2019
Highlights Foundation

What the fuck?
My poop is yellow.
Bright like a gall bladder spurt!

What the fuck?
It screamed its way
out of me
onto the roadside.

What the fuck?
The Burger King toxin
rushes to gravity’s end.

What the fuck?
I ate too fast!
(It would have dripped its essence into my lap if I delayed)

What the fuck?
I’m poop girl,
and need a bathroom.
The GPS can’t see one.

What the fuck?
It took 5 hours to drive a mountain trip of 3.
No signs say: “LAVATORY”

What the fuck?
Invent a seat that opens up in the car
with a hollow bowl for bile…

What the fuck?
Put one in all the luxury models.

A Review of the Shadra Strickland Unworkshop @ Highlights Foundation


A Selfie of Jeanne and Shadra


Shadra Strickland is the most interactive teacher I’ve ever had. She spent 30 minutes at one table and then another to touch everybody at meals.She structured a brain storming session and asked questions to engage us. She gives the opposite of a lecture.

(Show, don’t tell)

All the participants were published, so it was a group of professionals, not beginners.

Don kept accessing data for everyone and showing images on his tablets.That was an enormous help in grasping information. Shadra did the same.

The group in their twenties  in the Lodge got to brainstorm every evening.

The transition to the Gallery Opening was smooth.The chef caterers magnificent. They are so proud to work for the foundation. Shadra looked elegant and graceful at her opening. The untiring kitchen staff still provided supper after all the exotic appetizers.

Comments about the faculty: dignified,intelligent,great style,interactive,energetic,hard working ,talented speaker,artist,teacher, colleague, enlightened, affectionate, attentive, organized, grateful,and patient.

This is a many layered experience. the power flows both ways. Each individual adds to the symphony: wisdom, smarts, organizing, artistry, talent, perseverance and respect. They honor each other, even the children.

At winter workshops, you need to devise a way to have a fire indoors, especially when the snow and wind have frozen. Like a ski lodge, there should be a place to sit with slippers around the fire.

I love the way George calls his wife his bride, even though the children are over 10! And he looks at me and says”I love my children”, as if that would explain why they straightened out the library with their boots, and outerwear and toys.

My first experience of the Foundation was at Chatauqua. It was this enormous event with a huge family. And the leader was not Moses but a humble Kent. Now there is a humble George, and a vigorous Alison. They each have a glow about them, a light for the children to help them find their way!

A Cordial Home: Highlights


Jeanne and Shadra Strickland @ A Highlights Foundation Gallery Show of lino prints from her latest book


The Barn is an elegant place, where every meal is served with fresh tablecloths. The foodstuffs and camaraderie between artists, illustrators and staff is a relaxing blend for all.


a tiny hole in the tablecloth is mended in this lovely design at our table

Hai-kuuu! God bless you!


JOY ACEY  @ Highlights Foundation


A Sprinkling of Haiku for you:


with stillness
standing by the meadow


bees humming
tipping pink edges
of the white hydrangea


rusty wheel
on the rock wall
color weeping


one bird chirp
the cricket song.



David Harrison shares my progress since 2011

Rock 'n Roll @ David's Poetry Workshop

Rock ‘n Roll @ David’s Poetry Workshop

New post on Children’s Author David L. Harrison’s Blog

Update from Jeanne Poland
by davidlharrison
Hi everyone,
I asked for updates on writing experiences from anyone who has attended previous poetry workshops. One of the original SWAP 8+1 members, Jeanne Poland, was the first to respond. I am not surprised. Jeanne is always prompt and I relied on her to keep me on schedule at the workshops she attended. She is a former nun, retired teacher, gifted artist, and dedicated poet. Here are her own words. Thanks Jeanne!

1 David introduced me to a blog on WordPress, and to daily posting.
I was able to purchase media space and post high-res photos, films, links and marvelous graphics which satisfy my appetite
for illustrations.

2 The replies and comments on various poetry blogs enrich my days immeasurably.

3 Highlights Foundation is my new Writing, Illustrating and Publishing Academy.
The artists are a dignified social circle too.

4 Blurb, an independent author/publishing firm, has guided me in the publication of 13 books.
You can see previews of them for free at:

5 Working on-line has saved me much travel time, and linked me to the global world of art.

6 I continue to be stimulated by the networking with “live poets in live time” and the art shows held at the galleries here in NY.

7 Finally, my days are sprinkled with the joys of the 3 and 5 year old grand children, who also love to rhyme and initiate great art:

Jeanne Poland

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Review of a Panel @ Highlights Foundation: Poetry Workshop May 13-17, 2012

Review of a Panel @ Highlights Foundation: Poetry Workshop May 13-17, 2012
David Harrison — Rebecca Kai Dotlich — Eileen Spinelli

I wish
I had a little fish.
Upon a dish.”
by David Harrison

“This was my first poem. My Mom was cooking fish in the kitchen.”

My first picture book was published in 1967. It was conceived while I climbed out of the shower and sounded something like this: “rat-a-tat-tat”, playing on my drum.” I sold it outright for $350 to Western Publishing. Later I learned to protect my rights.

“The older I get, the shorter my stuff becomes.”

But I am now a full-time writer from 6AM to 6PM M-F.

A variety of publishers cover my different venues. Right now, I’m juggling 12 projects. This is my passion.

Rebecca Kai Dotlich
began being interested in women’s magazines but while reading to her daughter, came to prefer: “moons, mice, dust and puddles.”
There was a time she arose at 4AM to write with spiders walking on her in the basement. Gloves warmed her hands.
After 10 years of rejections, a hand-written word reassured her: It said: “ALMOST” instead of “YOU SUCK”!
The editor of Humpty Dumpty needed recipes so Rebecca wrote a rhyming recipe!

“Listen”, she advises. “Adapt”

She sent in 8 poems on where animals sleep to Highlights. A year later, they asked for more poems.
Rebecca was on her way…

Eileen Spinelli
wanted to be Edna St Vincent Millay.
She wrote in pencil @ the kitchen table. Her invisible friend was Perseverance.
Never giving up her day job, she babysat, cooked and wrote between, honed her craft, maintained folders, gathered data, and wrote every day. Today she has a ring of editors who honor her style, and acknowledge the way her work rings true.
As a child, she played with paper dolls; today she combines imagination and memory in her work.
“Meander”, she says, “for hours”.You’ll create something that shines!

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