remembering brings them to life…


this illustration and poem are from my friend and famous poet, David Harrison.

It expresses perfectly our gratitude to our veterans and families.

Children Without TV #20 Focus

Papa Snowboard Ready

Papa Snowboard Ready

(Like his Papa…)

Oliver finds “ON”
swipes, taps twice, leaps through air, stretch-
es in 3D: grinds!

The grand kids explored my house as they played yesterday.
Counted dragonfly trivets, up to ten.
Inspected how the recliner extended.
How far would the rocker rock?
How many huge teddy bears could one hold while dancing?
Could a child take and hide the other’s toy pony?
It was an explorer’s fun in 3D. They were hero and villain.
No TV required.

Children Without TV #4

Oliver Tries Push-Ups

Oliver Tries Push-Ups

Not Sponge Bob hero
but Papa, and his love of
muscles trained to lift!

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