emoji-me-face-maker 2



embrace persons

too big for me to shoulder

they drop off my shoulder

and crash on the ground


I forget.

They are responsible for their happiness.

I am responsible for Jeanne’s.

And her health too.

I find home

and settle in for self-care

and its sister:

trust in God!

From NY to Pordenone, Italy

Jeanne Poland & Donatella Barzan-198409-001s

Donatella and Jeanne in 1970’s Venice


drawn to each other

sisters search for autonomy

health and Italy!

Tongue Twister#27 Grief


It’s grief that drags us down:
not gravity;

Yet each loss is grave
Leads to our grave
And is a grievous weight of soul

Not to be born alone
But woven into silken weaves
To warm and stroke and shelter:

I am a shawl for you.


Brain Power


Stay in touch
with the six
high-touch senses:

Where are they?
In the right brain.

Where what’s left is right!



your weight:

May 25, 2013

Health Marathon

Joy Acey wrote this poem posted yesterday on her blog. It brought to mind the day I had yesterday, not rain, but many blue demands on my time.

Rain makes the road shine black.
I listen to the pitt-a-pat.
Dripping from the tree leaves,
falling off the edge of eaves.

On this day, I could feel gray
but the shine on the road
takes the blues away.

Yesterday was a marathon of health care:
1 go to physical therapy for broken wrist @7 AM
(bring fresh blackberries for breakfast)
2 rush to Doctor’s appointment for 9:15 in next town
leave with 4 prescriptions to fill and future blood test
as well as a referral for a sonogram at 11 AM (across the bridge)
Stop at Don’s Doctor’s office to find out his doctor quit and there’s
no replacement yet. Plead with the nurse to schedule a test for sleep apnea,
recommended by the cardiologist 2 months ago.
3 Drink to have a full bladder and then no peeing until the tech has
pressed the death out of it and then can repeat the pressure from hell
after peeing. Wait 3 days until the doctor can interpret the scan.
4 Phone the nurse at Empire to ascertain the meaning of all the red numbers
on the 5 pages of the last lab results. (One hour)
5 Phone my big brother, the doctor, to explain the results of Don’s
colon-endoscopy. ( In the absence of a doctor for him)
Inquire about the efficacy of controversial vaccinations for shingles and whooping cough.
6 Wait 3 days to leave the prescriptions at the Pharmacy. Too exhausted to move.

What did I learn?
Love brother’s care.
Learned how to spell many words about western medical treatment.
Managed my time strategically yesterday.
Cared for my partner.
Reserved procedures for another day.
Self-cared to the point of confidence.
Lived with the resources available in this great country.

Dental Office from Outer Space

A Poem for Two Voices:

In the office
a space chair
and computer on pedestal.
(It does close-ups and enlargements!)
(It graphed my gums from 1 to 4; #4 being too tender)

“Floss 3x a day
Gargle with baking soda.”
“Here’s a prescription for toothpaste.”
“Here’s a sample of floss and toothpaste”

“Six thousand dollars to replace old filings and crowns!”
“They’re too old.
See decay here below the crown!”

“Wait! Eeeek!
Need to tweek
the budget!
And the dental plan.
Teeth are not my only asset!
Bites and bits both vie for time!
Each gets his share down here on earth
“So he gets his and I keep mine!

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