When Caroline Myss speaks…


in her new book: “Intimate Conversations with the Divine”

“the power of prayer and energy breathe and instill life and

unconditional love nourishes and ultimately  heals.”

Jeffrey Rediger

“It is always brave to share the intimacy of the messages hidden in silence.Courage is matched by gentleness, and healing results.”

Lawrence Freeman

“Thinking sets in motion spiritual forces to create change.”

C.Norman Shealy

“To those who are awakened, it will add more fuel to the already awakened.”

Sister Dr. Jenna

“Listen to the almost silent -whispers of God, who-like a gentle mother-is always eager to embrace us in our brokenness and bring us closer to Her heart.”

Fr. Adam Bucko

“the laughter of God brings fresh insights, potent knowings into our human space and time. We are changed and charged!”

Jean Houston

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