Angel Haviel moves me….

“Your angels are guiding you to be particularly open and honest with yourself. It’s crucial to be true to yourself in all your actions and activities.”
Your Angel’s Message:
The angels are asking you now to release anything that’s not authentic and that doesn’t mirror your highest and more Divine intentions for yourself. You’re also reminded to release anything that doesn’t work for you anymore. God and the angels will take care of it.
Divine light enters your life when you open your heart and release all unhealthy situations. When you surrender your troubles, Divine light can freely enter. Replace all that is negative with complete truth and integrity. Your life will change for the better. No matter your issue, be it your job, your relationships, health issues or anything else, it will heal rapidly and in the most beautiful of ways. Angels will guide you to your destination. Worries are to be replaced by complete serenity.  
What You Should Do:
Be honest with yourself now. You need to be truthful with yourself before you can be this way with others. Be the best version of you that you can be. When you do this, the angels will guide you towards something that will either heal your situation completely or that will replace it entirely. When you’re true to yourself you can expect miracles! 
Your Affirmation:
“I am honest and true to myself. I am one with the Divine and accept with grace the miracles that are coming into my life.”


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