Blown by the Wind

photo by Jeanne Nov 3, 2014

photo by Jeanne
Nov 3, 2014

Came home yesterday from Honesdale, PA

blown by the wind.

Time and space vaporized…

Chicago, Philadelphia and Georgia were one city @ the Highlights Workshop.

On the drive there and home, Caroline Myss’ CD taught me to pray: vampires vs infinity?

Halloween dangled its costumes @ me…

November pushed in.

Daylight time shifted.

The birdhouse on the porch was blown down

tossed in the dirt

the swallows gone.

s a d.

Riddle#36 Orange

Owen Easter Eggs


Which is the fungus from Halloween?
Which is the fun guy from Easter morn?

Which has the yolk as yellow as corn?
Which has the shape of sweet candy-corn?

Which has the sun’s glow orange and warm?
Which has the ruffles that fan out when born?

These are the riddles all orange and bright
Sunny and funny and scary a sight!

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