Archetype 11


Glittery Barn Owl

glitter twitter touch

winsome personality

dignity on stage


A Rumble Tum Tummy


Art by J Byron Schachner


repetition renders

haiku jolly jingle for

readers of all ages

Jeanne’s New Book:

Definitions 2

Definitions 2

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foreground middle ground background

middle ground

haiku haiku hi
haiku haiku haiku sigh
haiku haiku bye



Haiku to Wild

thousands of wild buds
purple, yellow, white wild wisps
deer food in the wild

My Place

My Place

My Place

My Place Haiku

Not the heat, smells, dogs…
Your ear-your eye-your respect
mark my place with you.

There’s a new book for you to enjoy for free:

Children Without TV Book
Children Without TV

Descr.How children live without TV, boom boxes and cartoons for breakfast… from birth to 5 years of age; sharing with pets, the outdoors and all the neighborhood critters. Even spiders get counted.

click on the link to see a page by page animation of the entire book.
If you view it in full screen, you’ll get maximum effect.

Pattern #14 Cactus Needles


cactus point needles –
then grab them back again to
hold their liquid in!