March: through the window

Ruby by Lea Lyon

Watercolor: “Ruby” by Lea Lyon

A Dog by the Sea

by David Salner

Just after dawn, we get up,
without coffee, and let the dog lead us
through a grove of wind-stunted trees,
spiked succulents, red-berried holly,
and over the dune ridge out of the gray
of still sleeping minds. A line of pink
from the not yet risen sun
reminds me of the lilac shadows
caught in the radial grooves of shells.
I take up your hand and feel the blood
warming your fingers, as the dog bounds off
dragging her leash through wet sand.
She’s after gulls and a line of waves
that repeat themselves, she seems to think,
because they want to play.
                                                  A morning breeze
stirs the now turning tide, breathing over it,
sighing toward bayside. As the waves come in
whorls of light unfold on the sand. How I want
for us to repeat ourselves, on and on,
you holding the leash of a silly dog, me
feeling the beat, the blood in your hand.

“A Dog by the Sea” by David Salner from Blue Morning Light. © Pond Road Press, 2016.


Children Without TV #21 The Grand Boulevard

View from the Newport Bay Yacht Club

View from the Newport Bay Yacht Club

Salt, sand, gulls, fog horns
sing their ocean blues ‘long coast:
harbor’s shelt’ring wing.

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