Evolve…(version 2)


My sister, Ginger, a psychologist shared in this piece by editing it from her personal experience counseling veterans.

I have rewritten it and want to share it with you today. She also recommended the book at the bottom. I have ordered it myself from Amazon.

If you want to share your reaction to the book or post , feel free to share on this blog.



Grief is depression.
Depression is forgetting
and having no energy.
This is the state of my life.  
I can not get my act together.
I drove to the store to return some things to find out that I left the bag home with the things to be returned.  
Then, I have to tell myself to drive slowly and cautiously
because I am not in my right mind.


It’s a rainbow!
What you need is time.
What you have now is raindrops.
And sunshine=roygbiv

Barbara Schuldner’s Grief


Barbara’s son Ed
found his glory two weeks past.
Flies his spirit soul!

Left before fifty.
Chose simplicity and trust.
Flies his spirit soul.

Grief for mother deep.
Dark depths rise slowly up;
find sun to dazzle.

Oxidizes to
new growth: lily pads, sea weed…
flying spirit soul.

“Betty Boop”, channel
of Grace, not source of power;
Umbilical cord!


Leaves bleed on the vine and hang on…

Grief pulls me down like gravity.
Judy says it’s a suitcase that grows heavier and heavier.
I think it’s in my blood (causes high blood pressure).
Don says grief is like lying on a bed of nails…

Please comment on what you think grief is…

Tongue Twister#27 Grief


It’s grief that drags us down:
not gravity;

Yet each loss is grave
Leads to our grave
And is a grievous weight of soul

Not to be born alone
But woven into silken weaves
To warm and stroke and shelter:

I am a shawl for you.




I moan and groan
I’ve grown morose;
Grief buries me
The seams are sewn.

I’ve grown morose
A flat ache tone
Is all I own.

Grief buries me:
A deadly zone-
A clone alone am I.

The seams are sewn
I’m held within
“Til weave with God is grown.

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