Full Length Mirror


photo by Jeanne

Full Length Mirror

Try finding the bra
To secure 4 breasts
(Including those on my back of 77 years).

Try hooking the back before
I wind it round
In 90 degree heat
locking in every curve of my body,
taming in all the gravity bumps.

The package in the full length
mirror squawks
gone is the disembodied molded bra
the flat unworn panties in 2 dimensions

Gravity endeavors to touch my toes
nipples looking down
I’m grounded.

The full length mirrored flight
is not for me.
I’m going with touch!

Waving to the rhythm
of the waves
doing my hula

Definition #78 Inventor


Johannes Kepler

born in 1571

validated Copernicus’s theory of a sun-centered solar system

helped Isaac Newton discover the law of gravity

designed the first eyeglasses for near-sightedness and far-sightedness

explained that tides are caused by the moon

the sun rotates on an axis

and was the first to calculate the year of the birth of Jesus Christ by using planetary cycles.

Do you want to forget this man’s name?


Leaves bleed on the vine and hang on…

Grief pulls me down like gravity.
Judy says it’s a suitcase that grows heavier and heavier.
I think it’s in my blood (causes high blood pressure).
Don says grief is like lying on a bed of nails…

Please comment on what you think grief is…

Tongue Twister#27 Grief


It’s grief that drags us down:
not gravity;

Yet each loss is grave
Leads to our grave
And is a grievous weight of soul

Not to be born alone
But woven into silken weaves
To warm and stroke and shelter:

I am a shawl for you.


What I Have Learned

What I Have Learned So Far

Everything and everyone changes.

Everyone has talents.
Honor them.

I keep growing up, in and out…
“Til eternity.

The exercise of choice is human.
Share it.

Jeanne is her genes.
in technicolor.

No balancing required when I’m
on my bum.

Gravity is relative
and just another form of energy.

There is never objectivity between men and women.
They know each other too well.

What you pick up,
you will put down in one form or another.

A poem never ends
since it seeds in you and sprouts in spring.

Jeanne Poland

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