Definition #363 Comic Character

Jeanne's designs of the Roller Skating Ant

Jeanne’s designs of the Roller Skating Ant

Ant as a Grandma, wind-skating

Ant as a Grandma, wind-skating

It was on this day in 1897 that the first comic strip appeared in a newspaper. The strip, created by Richard Outcault, was published under different names but usually known by the name of its main character, the Yellow Kid. The Yellow Kid started appearing in single-panel cartoons in 1896, but on this day, it was first published as a multipaneled comic strip, titled “The Yellow Kid Takes a Hand at Golf.” Six panels showed the Yellow Kid’s mixed success at attempting to hit a golf ball. At the beginning he declares, “I am playing dis game an I don’t want no fresh mug te gimme any tips see,” and then he proceeds to knock out several bystanders with his golf club.

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Itch! Itch!

The Roller Skating Ant18
The Roller Skating Ant19
The Roller Skating Ant20
The Roller Skating Ant21

The four pages above are from Jeanne’s graphic novel: “The Roller Skating Ant”: Chapter 3.
I posted it to go with Catherine Johnson’s poem:


Design by Katharina Babanovsky

This poem is in the form of a graphic novel. I created it in 2008.

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