Definition #192 God

Red is the first color of the rainbow Red is God

Red is the first color
of the rainbow
Red is God

God is never dis-

appointed: He knows us well.

Instead, rejoices!

Opposites Attract

Dizzy Gillespie vs the Muppets

Dizzy Gillespie vs the Muppets

Forwards vs Backwards
Who comes first?





God, do You want me to sing today?

Cantor in St Christopher's

Cantor in St Christopher’s

“God,do You want me to sing today?”

Answer: “Walk in grace.”
See last line of Joseph Stroud’s poem:

And so I prepare to sing at Communion.
Bring my virtual piano, my music arrangement.
Dress appropriately.
Arrive for choir practice.

Everything has been moved around.
No organ,
no accompaniment,
different seats,
choir facing the congregation,
prayers for Robin Williams,
sadness and grief….

I choke up.
Can’t breathe.
Can’t sing.
My walk in grace was not sound, but quiet.
“There is a time to sing, and a time to keep quiet.”

Please May I?


As a child we played a game called:
“Please may I?”
The leader on the sidewalk said I could take: three giant steps, or five umbrella steps, or two baby steps, or two backward steps.
One was not allowed to begin until asking: “Please may I”
If you forgot, you had to return and begin at the starting place.
What power was given to the leader to design the choreography,
and then grant permission to proceed.
The game was a grand tribute to courtesy
and we learned to interact with respect.
The word “May” is endowed with power.
Perhaps God used it when He created us, thinking: They may obey or disobey.
I want them to choose!!!!

Bread of Angels, refresh me!

Grass inherited

Grace through the generations

“I am His Father and He is my Son…Let all the angels of God worship Him…Angels swift as the wind; servants made of flaming fire.” (Hebrews 1:5)

From God, to Mother to Son
The Spirit Messengers fly;
Flaming fire to cleanse,
Protect the chosen from high

The Spirit Messengers fly;
Swift as the wind
To those who sinned.

Flaming fire to cleanse,
Refresh with grace
Face to face!

Protect the chosen from high
The Father ministers
To earth’s youngsters.

Become Your Father


“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist after one grows up.”
Pablo Picasso
1 Peter 1:24:
“All our greatness is like a flower that droops and falls; but the Word of the Lord will last forever: Jesus, the Living Christ!”

Look within
Locate your light!
Nurture it!


When you fade
Open the portal
To eternity

Your Father
Soul song!

My Holy Spirit

doves connect

I believe the Holy Spirit is a comforter, counselor, advocate, minister and spirit of truth.
John 14:15-18

I believe that even God can’t know himself without his Holy Spirit.
So why would we symbolize Him as a bird, and more specifically as a dove?

Doves are the sheep of the bird world: gentle followers;
Devoted to their mates, for life; nesting in beaks;
Docile in sacrifice, roaming freely in clouds;
Glimmering silver and gold against the peaks.

Devoted to their mates, for life; nesting in beaks;
Loyal nurturers to young and to weak;
The patient, proud parents we seek.

Docile in sacrifice, roaming freely in clouds;
Transporting, transforming, ne’er loud.
But swiftly swelling, quiet and proud.

Glimmering silver and gold against the peaks;
Dazzling light, prism’s plumage;
Other worldly, other person, other lover!


Concealer cannot
fill the holes
that nature’s wrought;
render them pools
of everlasting life!

Jeanne Poland



I thought the cosmos laid the foundation of the earth.

I thought the sun determined earth’s measurements.

I thought the stars sang together to lay earth’s cornerstone.

I thought birds stretched a line upon it.

I thought the heavenly beings shouted for joy.

I thought I could call the clouds to rain.

I thought I could call forth lightning.

Or tilt the water-skins of the heavens.
Missed it.

Or have understanding.

Hunt the lions.
Crouch in their dens.
Satisfy their young.
Provide for the raven.

I misapprehended.
It was God…all along…Infinite
Not me….infinitesimal.

(see Job 38;1-7; 34-41)
Jeanne Poland
All rights.

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