loving is the work…
The Greeks have 4 words for love:
1 family love -blood bonds, instinctual, natural
2 filio – brotherly, between friends
3 eros – romantic love, being in love
4 agape – unconditional love, no bounds, giving,God like and Christ love,

God’s love creates values. Never feel devalued. God has made you worthwhile. God’s love is completed in us. We participate through our actions. Expect nothing in return. We cannot love on our own. God calls us to a love that is scary. He completes us with perfect love which casts out fear. He makes all new. He plants his perfect love between us. ..Love without expectation of return. Where might we instigate this love?

John 15:1-8
Psalm 22:24-30
I John 4:7-21

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