flowers on my Birthday


recognize the ginger and birds of paradise?

the pomegranates and blood oranges?

the treasures from Russo’s in Waltham?



Now you know my 79 year old glow!

The Rhythm Method


Arthur, Ginger Jeanne


Mom had us all 2

years 18 days apart-the

r-rhythm method!

Meeting Kavi at Ginger’sHouse

Meeting Kavi at Ginger's House

Meeting Kavi at Ginger’s House

I like the way,
at Ginger’s house
we took turns
around the circle.

First there was Kavi,
17 months old,
circling the rooms:
his carry-case abreast.

He crooned-
and delicately chewed
the cranberries and nuts
to Indian/African tunes.

From 17 months to
77 years old we each
took turns being
aunties, uncles, cousins, moms and dads.

Spoke of opera, museums,
moving films we’ve made
created from a place
that played and sang and danced:

“How best can we take care
of earth, and man, and woman?
Teach our tiny ones to care,
discover life and share?”

always in this circle.

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