little buddha




little buddha


next to the highchair

sit 6 buddha

laughing at play


Oliver mimics the smiles


zen humming


soon learns to sit




laughing at play with Dad!

Everything you didn’t understand Made you what you are. Charles Simic in “Evening Talk” in The Book of Gods and Devils


art by Koessler


Everything you didn’t understand made you what you are:

the fantasy worlds in books

the giggles and harrumphs

the ticklish moments

the invisible friends

the angels in disguise

the foreign culture’s manifestations

the tongues and their languages

the scents that stuck to you

the energy that entered your cells

and transforms in spite of you

mystery to mystery

And so you step on

from dust to glory!


Jeanne and Bob at the Alzheimer’s Unit


6 Delicate (like Jean Follain)

His delicate palms held mine
poised to slip away;
when suddenly he slapped the backs
and giggled;
we lighted, and once again
he caught me quickly
and all who saw
squealed with delight
at elder trapping younger!
April 7, 2017


Riddle#22 Happiness

All of Life is a StudioAnnika

My first Pantoum:
A verse form consisting of a series of quatrains in which the second and forth lines of each verse are repeated as the first and third lines of the next.
Verse composed using metonymy.

Happiness is fleeting
Soap bubbles pop!
Giggles get itchy
Hiccups won’t stop.

Soap bubbles pop
Fleeting rainbow floats;
Hiccups won’t stop:
They’re random, then rote.

Fleeting rainbow floats
Popping in your face;
They’re random , then rote
Effervescent space.

Popping in your face
Is happiness bubble,
Effervescent space
On a planet of trouble.

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