The way it is…


The Way It Is


The door opened only 8”-
couldn’t fit through.
An angel from his car helped me:
“If you push it a little, it’ll open more
I’ll help you if you want”

The receptionist took my info
I had 8 blood tests to take
This angel reminded me to take my prescriptions with me
for the phlebotomist.

Had to pee for one test of blood sugar.
Squeezed it out.
An angel showed me where to leave the sample.
All these details are
angel led.
winged guidance!

An angel woke me at 6AM.
Another guided my driving to the clinic.
A third found a parking spot.
The fourth held my hand to the elevator and
The fifth made sure I had my prescriptions.
The sixth was the trainee who learned to feel for my veins.

That’s the way it is: six angels strong!
That’s the way it is!

the pull


Gallery by Walter Koessler






the pull

of my thoughts

is still strong,

but the love

for this moment

is stronger.

The pull of drama

still compels me

but the love for showing up

where I am



spoken by Geneen Roth

Healing: vision-receive-give





give love–whole-healing……


byGeneen Roth

move self; breathe deeply;

feel keenly; show empathy;

notice each sunset!

Believe in Yourself


illustrator: Piwowarski



 Believe in Yurself

  Geneen Roth

if you hide your food

feed on shame; punish the child

where does power reign?



“Writing is a performance, like singing an aria or dancing a jig”

—Stephen Greenblatt

Today I sing a New Years Wish that you have enough!

Definition #359 Thin

Selfie 10/2015

Selfie 10/2015

Think of the women who live in Samoa. Legend has it that a woman there is not considered attractive unless she weighs more than 200 pounds. Size is relative: Samoans might equate being fat with being cherished, and being thin with being miserable. (Forget about booking a one-way trip to Samoa. It’s too expensive.) The truth is that beauty standards vary from culture to culture, but no matter where you live or how big your body is, some things remain the same. We still have to find a way to live comfortably inside our bodies and make friends with and cherish ourselves.

Geneen Roth

Definition #133 NOW


Kavi in his box

Geneen Roth:
“but the truth was that sweetness and quiet and stillness weren’t as compelling as angst, drama and the chatter of discontent.
I mean, seriously: “now” just wasn’t sexy or appealing. It didn’t hold promises of splashy parades with cymbals and drums and opera singers thrashing about. The naked now, the one without frills, the one that was always here, just wasn’t as interesting as what could be. What should be. What I wanted to be. I was enthralled, as the Buddhist teacher Choygam Trungpa described it, with the process of “putting make-up on space.”

Finally, and this is going to sound a bit more linear than it actually was or is, love pierced the trance. I realized I wanted something more than I wanted to keep walking through the airports of my mind. I wanted to be here. For the purpling of sunsets and the clanking of dishes. For the soft way my husband’s hand feels in mine. I wanted to breathe when I breathed and eat when I ate. I wanted to live in and through my body, not my mind. And, not only did I realize I wanted that, I knew without a doubt that I already was that. Am that.

It’s not a done deal over here, however. The pull of my thoughts is still strong, but the love for this moment is stronger. The pull of drama still compels me, but the love for showing up where I am is bigger. Nothing can compete with the love of this life blazing in and through me, which, along with the depth of night-sky stillness, also includes outrageous laughter, salted chocolate and occasional swoops of sadness.

Every time I find myself wandering away, I bring myself back to what I love: to this very moment, these exact sensations, this coolness on the surface of my right arm, the sound of a single bird cheeping, the low thrum of the heater. I take one conscious breath and return to where the feast is: here. And when I do — when thoughts drop away and the one I refer to as “I” disappears — what remains is contentment itself. And it is enough.”

The cycle of loneliness and consumption

Vitruvian man
Science says, there is a “vicious cycle of loneliness and consumption.” Good for the owners of shops in shopping malls. Bad for the consumers: they should re-animate another kind of satisfaction.
cycle of loneliness and consumption
by frizztext

And yet over and over we find that filling the hunger isn’t about acquiring more things; it’s about noticing what we already have and already are.How can I be present in my life as it is, if that life makes me unhappy?”

You start by feeling alive in your arms and legs.The reason that living in your body is quite helpful is because the alternative — living in your mind — can drive you insane. There is no particular pattern to your thoughts; in a split second, they zing crazily from the time you fell from your swing when you were 6 to what you are going to say to the person who insulted you yesterday.

If you try to follow your thoughts, you get lost in fantasies, resentments, and anticipated disappointments. There is no ground, nothing solid to hold on to, no way of bringing yourself back to what you are doing now, this very second. You get to the end of a day — or the end of your life — and you wonder where you’ve been. (And the answer is: lost in thought!)

During the day, every time you remember, sense your arms and legs again, just for a few seconds. (I do this about 100 times a day.) This will help you land in your body and bring your mind back to the present moment; it will give you a kind of mountain-solid feeling.
When you are present, nothing is missing. Time seems to stretch. And the reason it does is because it’s our thoughts — our crowded, worried minds — that make us feel so rushed. When you are present, a day seems like a week, a month, like a year.

Coming home to yourself satisfies the deepest hunger of all: your longing to fully live and not miss the moments as they fly by. When you are aware of your own presence, you get to see that this body, your home, the place you’ve spent years trying to change, is a pretty cool place to be.
by Geneen Roth

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