That’s garbage!

chihuly lighting

chihuly lighting

garbage: not maintained
treasures: un-chosen, let-go
recycled remnants.

garbage: untrue rue
unsubstantial groundedness;
false bottomed boat hull.

garbage: cycle rolling
out of usefulness, extinct
exotic foreskins.

lichen: on its way to spores
of sugar-proteins.

How Do I Love Thee?

How Do I Love Thee?
Let Me Count the Ways:

I love thee to the heights of the ceiling fan and skylight
and newspapers on the roof;
And depths of the carpet under-padding that cushions our feet.

I love thee to the lights you maintain
and the filters you replace,

To the birds you feed
and the computers you reboot;

To the steps you climb
and the pocketbook you guard;

To the garbage you tote
and the containers you recycle;

To the scents you disperse
and the aromas you emit;

And should you disappear again
I would mourn and pant and search you out

To hold and claim: “my man”

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