A Loving Mate


Photo from pre-red hair Jeanne


Want to share how elder couples show tenderness 3 days before Valentines Day:

I had an accident leaving my car in the garage and had to clean the floor, car, clothes, body, bathroom, shower, mop, etc etc. Meanwhile messages were coming in from my son and daughter that required responses!

It took 2 hours to clean up and restore freshness.

When I confided to Don what had happened, he helped me finish the clean up, and then offered to rub my feet with lavender, scratch my back to help me sleep, and promised to do more of this when needed. In between, several jokes about the incident kept us laughing!

Once again we got a great taste of elder intimacy.

Recipe: trust, patience, sense of humor, loyalty!

When I Turned Seveny-five

Photo on 2-26-16 at 1.38 PM

When I turned seventy-five,
I bought central air-conditioning
a garage
red hair
bird feeders
a thule
a silver Rogue
a red lynx scooter
20 long cotton dresses
a purple hurricane
30 scarves
50 red geraniums
Christmas cactus
fresh fruits, bread and fish
Tempurpedic mattresses
and a real John Deer Tractor for my grandchildren.

When I turned seventy-five,
I inherited
my Grandma’s body type
my 60 year old mid-western mate
my industriousness
my old lady sense of humor
all my purple possessions
red hats
daughter, son and in-laws
who show middle-age wisdom
and a promise of years to come
as grandparents of

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