Pattern #29 Down Under

Mac Doctor Down Under  Photo by Jeanne

Mac Doctor
Down Under
Photo by Jeanne

Down Under

Mac Doc’s surgery
On Mac Book Pro: new system
IV plugs to life!

Behold the man who fits below:
double monitor
Bose speakers
3 back-up disks
battery back-up
wireless printer, keyboard, mouse
USB, fire-wire, thunder wire
extreme airport, router,cd’s …..

No attachment is too lowly for him!
Every cable matters!

What Do You See?


3X red extra wide

My iPhone camera saw loyalty.
I saw trust.
Eileen saw her best friend.
Richard saw her calm.
What did Don see?

Richard’s iPhone saw red.
I saw outside the window.
Don saw his iPhone.
Eileen saw opposite glances.
Richard saw our patience.

What do you see?

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