the real world


Bill Gates looks like he’s getting younger; did he find the fountain of youth?

not fair?

accomplish something?

start small?

know a tough boss?

be humble?

no whining?

try delousing?

be a winner?

work 365 days?

go to job joyfully?

respect the nerds?

thank a teacher?

Gummy Bugs

Gummy Bugs

glow in the dark tattoos

glow in the dark tattoos

Gummy bugs stick to wall:
lodge in teeth
fly in eye
silky spiders
autumn beetles
green slugs
glow in dark
for fall!

red eyes glow
goggle eyes show
cat’s eyes know
cross eyes slow
to focus.
ho·cus po·cus!

My 38 year old daughter turned into a child yesterday when offered super ball, yo-yo and cat cookie cutter mold.
All of these were part of the Halloween Packet from Oriental Trading. So we see the fountain of youth: toys!

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