know them by their dna


blue lens

bike seats

biking shoes

head twist


love of mountains


wild creatures


After a belief in God…


Wallace Stevens said,

“After one has abandoned a belief in God,

poetry is the essence which takes its place


life’s redemption.”

Wallace Steven’s books of poetry include Ideas of Order (1936), Owl’s Lover (1936), Parts of a World (1942), and Collected Poems (1954). He’s now considered one the world’s finest Modernist poets.Wallace Stevens said, “After one has abandoned a belief in God, poetry is the essence which takes its place as life’s redemption.”

Reggae Convergence

Ziggy Marley sings for Redemption

Ziggy Marley
sings for Redemption

My life became reggae
when the Cable tech came with his Jamaican helpfulness
when I danced to Reggae music with my Alzheimer’s friend
when The Netflix BBC Show was about Jamaican voodoo protection
when my e-friend, FrizzText, posted the music of Bob Marley and son.

Some of this came in the cloud,
some in human footprints.
Some of this moved our feet:
All of this was fine art,
rocky shaking redemption!


Footprints I've left behind...

Footprints I’ve left behind…

birth certificate @ Mary Immaculate Hospital
baby shoe prints in the Woodhaven grass
bike tracks in the alley
roller skate wheels on the black top
saddle shoes off to school
Ring-a-levio on 90th Street
double-dutch jump rope
senior prom pumps
nun shoes in Litchfield
mom shoes in Port Washington
old lady shoes in Hudson NY
magic shoes for children’s writer

How Can a Poet Tell A Man’s Been In the Kitchen?

Messy Kitchen Sink

Messy Kitchen Sink

(sing to the tune of The Happy Wanderer)

When oft’ I go a wandering,
My nap sack on my back,
I know my man leaves odd footprints:
The kitchen floor has tracks!

I can hear, I can see,
I can hear
I can see ee ee ee ee ee
I can see
The kitchen floor has tracks!

The cabinets are open wide,
The sugar’s sprinkled high,
The dirt’s pressed down upon its side,
Like bird poo dropped from nigh!

I pull out pen and quickly write
As far as I can see;
While scrubbing clean the stains to right
And ordering cleanly!

I whisk the broom; collect the crumbs,
The meters in my step
The pots and pans, the prunes and plums
Are shining bright, yep, yep!

It’s time for rhyme and rhythm now,
The counters neat; food stacked.
The order’s back, you smell the chow:
“Come down and interact!”

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