Definition #252 Punography


Punography sent to me by artist: Claudia Austen

pornography grabs

greed; punography the wit-

droll sound-alike puns!

When the fog lifts…


Forgiveness is fog
that lifts me up to cradle
sharp cutting edges.

Mother’s Day


Mother still at 72
Children 36 and 38
Grands at 4 and 2
Pets at 12 and 10.

Like an iceberg
Memory melting
Adrift in changing times
Wide bottom principled.

Seas swirl round
Horns pierce fog
Boats pass leery
Fish respect.

Mother still at 72
Dates to keep
Boundaries to set
Trust to feed and grow.
All rights.

Riddle#33 Pig in Fog

pig in fog
Pig in fog
on the bog

muddy hog
for the blog

“Oink-y log
foggy clog.

Jeanne Poland

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