Thirsty Fox


illustrator: Demelsa Haughton with: Thirsty Fox


look at the greens


step back from the layers

to the black

find your soul

pin-point significance

feed the crow

offer water to the fox

and let the green clothe you with goodness



more sky-less ground   and

a tree to steer you by   a

cloud to shelter wild

I know you by your photograph…


photo posted by Zelda Weiss- aka Katarina


framing, focus, touch

my heart with yellow eyes – yoke

golden artist link!

Make your body a cylinder…


samurai art by Nicolaj


spin swiftly ! balance

your energy, focus, goals,

eternal wisdom

Children Without TV #20 Focus

Papa Snowboard Ready

Papa Snowboard Ready

(Like his Papa…)

Oliver finds “ON”
swipes, taps twice, leaps through air, stretch-
es in 3D: grinds!

The grand kids explored my house as they played yesterday.
Counted dragonfly trivets, up to ten.
Inspected how the recliner extended.
How far would the rocker rock?
How many huge teddy bears could one hold while dancing?
Could a child take and hide the other’s toy pony?
It was an explorer’s fun in 3D. They were hero and villain.
No TV required.


Ruffles My Feathers

Ruffles My Feathers

Yesterday my iPhone Calendar announced “Id have an early morning!”
Suddenly, I have a relationship with my Calendar app.
I did, indeed have an 8AM appointment at my Albany Apple Store for a personal lesson in Garage Band.
Eager to face the ice storm, I awoke at 4:30AM, had breakfast, over-dressed, discerned the safety of traveling,
got all my electronics ready to go, completed my daily errands, and set off…duped by the weather report
and my invasive iPhone Assistant.

Last week, my bank manager told me I had a relationship with their computer
which ascertained that I was to be penalized $37.50 for a $10.50 check
written against funds which were in one of my other accounts. It could list all my balances but was unable to take
the $10.50 from any of them. Instead an elaborate ritual was enacted which resulted in said bank of taking a total of $300
from my funds. Humans regrettably informed me that the computer had a formula which exacted the $300 penalty; they could not forgive any errors
even though “I had a relationship with the (bank, people, computer) PICK ONE.

Seems I need to change focus in my relationships.
Focus on the digits which now have a face.
It bites.
It’s salivating.
It’s judging.

Champagne Bubbles


Focus brought dark pods
up front; colors bubbled up:
champagne spots of air!

Gummy Bugs

Gummy Bugs

glow in the dark tattoos

glow in the dark tattoos

Gummy bugs stick to wall:
lodge in teeth
fly in eye
silky spiders
autumn beetles
green slugs
glow in dark
for fall!

red eyes glow
goggle eyes show
cat’s eyes know
cross eyes slow
to focus.
ho·cus po·cus!

My 38 year old daughter turned into a child yesterday when offered super ball, yo-yo and cat cookie cutter mold.
All of these were part of the Halloween Packet from Oriental Trading. So we see the fountain of youth: toys!

Jimmy Stewart Reads “My Dog Beau”

Please listen to the magic pauses and the deep feeling with which Jimmy Stewart reads his poem to his dead dog on the Johnny Carson Show in 1981.
Do you have to be an actor to express this much feeling with your voice?
Note the way Stewart focuses despite the joking of Johnny and the laughter of the audience.

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