one with my car…


Manuela Perez


we share our anatomy with each other:

those round abdomens

those rolling wheels,

the screeching brakes,

the view of the rear,

the classic lines,

the flowing of the waves,

the strength of the chassis,

hugging the curves,

and reflecting the light,

the zen-ness of it all!


all rights

quicksilver 6/15/20


Want my identity?

Want my identity?

Want my identity?
Find me in the now.

Changed again.
Riding the rocks.

Warping the jump.

Riddle #15 Fruity



Someone called me :

Did he see my core?
Or tender skin?
Reflection in the light?
Dwarfed stem?
Snappy bites to offer?
Juices flowing?
Kinship with my seeds?
Fallen from a tree?
Or me: different?
An adventure in discovery?

Male Entertainment

A family member, an opera officienado, complained that a favorite Russian diva, lost half her worth to please him after getting stouter, following childbirth. I believe her gift is song, not girth. He wants a lean machine on stage, part of the ticket price…. What do you think when hormones become part of the performance?


Male Entertainment



Hips flowing wide,

Beautiful lush bosom,

Articulate hands,

Big feet:

Perfect Round Woman!


Tones flowing wide,

Beautiful lush harmony,

Articulate gestures,

Big scenes:

Perfect Round Lyrics!


Strings flowing wide,

Beautiful lush horns,

Articulate drums,

Big crescendos:


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