Fleeting Filters

David Harrison's Photo in Mo

David Harrison’s Photo in Mo

Cool blue bows on snow
Orange sears horizon’s edge
Nature’s filters light.

Riddle#22 Happiness

All of Life is a StudioAnnika

My first Pantoum:
A verse form consisting of a series of quatrains in which the second and forth lines of each verse are repeated as the first and third lines of the next.
Verse composed using metonymy.

Happiness is fleeting
Soap bubbles pop!
Giggles get itchy
Hiccups won’t stop.

Soap bubbles pop
Fleeting rainbow floats;
Hiccups won’t stop:
They’re random, then rote.

Fleeting rainbow floats
Popping in your face;
They’re random , then rote
Effervescent space.

Popping in your face
Is happiness bubble,
Effervescent space
On a planet of trouble.



God is the power
None other.

God is the love
None other.

God is the mind
None other

I am the power!
I am the love!
I am the mind!
A fleeting thought
Extended by the

Jeanne Poland
All rights!

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