Healing in the moment

Magdalena Arthen and Jacob50thWeddingAnn

Lena and Jacob @ their 50th Wedding Anniversary

Yesterday I encountered Tony, a friend I healed in July.

He was glowing, and filled with thanks.

Gave me hope for the next healing.


My loyal friends (Spirit Guides) show me new options.

I submit. Trust. Redeem the relationship. Exercise patience.

Celebrate the healing.

Every day the 200 year old crucifix from Germany and my Grandmother, guides me

Her verdant snake plant graces my living room.

I  acquiesce and care for these icons of Lena’s faith, devotion, and matriarchal tenderness;

take my place at the head of the tribe.

Only my roots are wild beneath the ground.

The buds are well cultivated in the sun.

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