Definition #81 Drop the Ball

Fibonacci created the math Jeanne created the colors

Fibonacci created the math
Jeanne created the colors

My ball is changing

through time-energy converts

human to divine!

  • The first Times Square Ball was made of wood and iron, weighed 700 pounds, and was lit by a hundred 25-watt bulbs.
  • Now, it’s made of Waterford crystal, weighs almost six tons, and is lit by more than 32,000 LED lights. The party in Times Square is attended by up to a million people every year.

    Other cities have developed their own ball-dropping traditions.

  • Atlanta, Georgia, drops a giant peach.
  • Eastport, Maine, drops a sardine.
  • Ocean City, Maryland, drops a beach ball, and
  • Mobile, Alabama, drops a 600-pound electric Moon Pie.
  • In Tempe, Arizona, a giant tortilla chip descends into a massive bowl of salsa.
  • Brasstown, North Carolina, drops a Plexiglas pyramid containing a live possum; and
  • Key West, Florida, drops an enormous ruby slipper with a drag queen inside it.


This is my color rendering of Fibonacci's math formula

This is my color rendering of Fibonacci’s math formula

And here is Joy Acey’s Fibonacci poem:
My dog
likes to bark.
Round and round she turns
then settles on the rug to sleep.

Today’s poem is a FIB–a poem based on Fibonacci’s number. Try writing your own FIB today.

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