Children Without TV #17 Trespassing

A Bridge for Bikes

A Bridge for Bikes

State Forest welcomes
entrepreneurial tots;
feet/bikes nursery!

“10 minutes” by frizzguitar. Released: 0. Genre: Blues.



My cheek rests warm
on father’s breast;
his heart beat shakes my ear.
His stubble whispers through my hair
his breath blows fear from here.

He puts me down
to take a call:
I stand on solid feet
outside his heat
outside his lap
outside all right
outside here on my own.

The Dawn of the Fawn

newborn fawn

It was
the dawn
of the fawn

A bleat
from feet
to teat

of mom
in bush
of lush

green twigs
sweet digs
deer jigs!

Riddle#31 Ancestors

Matriarchal Avcestry

Dreams, it has been said, were the first poems and stories told around the fire in ancient tribal cultures. Jan Hutchinson

We gather, holding baskets
filled with fruit;
seeds and juices
of our loins.

Breasts ready to succor,
feet to serve,
ears to learn
what nurture needs.

Umbilical still grows,
Twists its lullabies;
In and out of sleep
and baths and blankets’ cover.

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