the garden


garden in Harlemville, NY

created garden

joy mercy, temptation’s call

Father, answer me!

I’m scared


I’m scared

I’m scared
of letting go of my
moves me
Imagination flies me off
the ground.
status puffs me up with fluff.
If I let the Creator take over
His mystery will bring ambivalence.
And so
I’m scared.
Did you say: “start to trust him?”
I am not a child.
Or maybe, to Him I am.
Christ  and Sanctifier,
show me the Father.
And the Mother
and the adult child that is me.
Just for today.

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Tue, 02/26/2019 – 10:41 written for PowerPoetry– jeannepoland

e a r t h


artist: J Byron Schachner


e  a  r  t  h

ear to hear
eat to grow
heat to warm
hare to jump into my lap
that’s what e a r t h gives to me.

heart rate
hat to shelter
eat to taste
hate to warn me
that’s what e a r t h gives to me.

it’s a mother
it’s a father
it’s a sibling too.
most of all, a god like me
that’s what e a r t h brings to me!

Archetype 2


from Pinterest

he’s not heavy; he’s

my brother, sister, mother,

father, family

Your Children


Your children are your

letters dignified and poised-

dancing A through Z!

Maud Gonne

In response to one of WBYeats’ many marriage proposals, Maud Gonne told him: “You would not be happy with me. … You make beautiful poetry out of what you call your unhappiness and you are happy in that. Marriage would be such a dull affair. Poets should never marry.”

In 1911, she wrote a letter to WBYeats and said, “Our children were your poems of which I was the father sowing the unrest & storm which made them possible & you the mother who brought them forth in suffering & in the highest beauty.”

Become Your Father


“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist after one grows up.”
Pablo Picasso
1 Peter 1:24:
“All our greatness is like a flower that droops and falls; but the Word of the Lord will last forever: Jesus, the Living Christ!”

Look within
Locate your light!
Nurture it!


When you fade
Open the portal
To eternity

Your Father
Soul song!

“Can Jesus come out to play?

God as Father

“Can Jesus come out to play” I say.
His mother points up: “He’s praying to God;
He calls Him His Father, His Day Spring, and God
With us, Mighty One, Morning Star, Prince of Peace.”

“I’ve brought my reverence, my honor and trust;
May I join in the bowing, surrender and awe?”
“Of course” answers Mary, “and then you can play;
You’re children alike, made to worship and stay

In His arms,
through rough times
and ahead to the JOY:
to His gift:

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