I’m in love with a priest again…


Mother Eileen Weglarz


holiness grabs me


male or female,  prophets grab me

scholars light my mind;

give voice to prayers-and

make my juices flow!


 scholars light my mind

fill it with Living Word;

Wisdom and the Spirit’s gifts :

my mission conferred.


give voice to  prayers

in song and verse;

 stories grip my heart

and times traverse.


make my juice flow

lustrous grace like rain

soothes my arid roots

lest they  wither/wane.

thank you to:

Sr Eugenie Therese

Sr Rose

Dr Nussbaum

Mother Marie Louise

Mother Eileen

Father John

All my Mother Superiors

the people of Christ Church

Letter to Spirits


my photo of Father John @ Christ Church- Hudson NY


In my dream…

priests give me hugs and kisses. None of them require I genuflect, or do penance for forgiveness.

The Lustenrings rush from
the wedding under the ‘el’ train on Jamaica Avenue in Richmond Hill to see Aunt Jeanne even though she and John Poland divorced after 17 years.

The gay nephew recalls my total acceptance of his unconventional choices. He divides his wealth 50/50 and finds a new partner who is also accepted as is.

Apparently, the spirit world is like that: timeless and equal. A circle of acceptance and honoring. A fiery flame of purity, a translation of Babel, a merging of cultures.

All the additions to the family welcome its newest siblings to give glory, laud and honor.

It’s like going to sleep and rebooting. Being held. Wrapped. carried as one.

I await patiently the revelation of glory.

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