Hawk Comes Next

Sue Delp’s Peace Dove

I’d love to illustrate this poem in the shape of a hawk.
Meghan Starling
November 13, 2012 @ 11:37 pm

Hey up there,
Falcon or Hawk or something bigger than a Jay.
City-scape observer on your telephone-wire perch,
Balancing fearless though currents rush your feet and
Highway breeze blasts your feathers.
Taking the truck exhaust slap-in-the-face like a sailor manning his bow,
Breathing rocking seas and misty horizons into lifeblood.
Hey you brazen daylight hunter,
How dare you catch a creature from my yard,
Swoop down unnoticed
While we clatter,
Frolicking toddler and hose-spraying and big dog
That could eat you if she knew how.
Stop eyeing us sideways and looking down
You smart thing,
You smirking piece of regal talent.

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